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What We Believe at Mountain City Church

We consider these beliefs to be non-negotiable:


About God

We believe in the Holy Trinity. God is three persons in one divine being. Each of these persons is fully God and cannot be divided from each other. These three persons are as follows:


The Father: Is the Creator of everything in existence and acts as the head and authority of the Trinity. (John 5:19)


The Son: Is the Redeemer of the world. Through Him, the Father created everything that has ever been made (John 1). He took on human form in order to pay the necessary sacrifice to win human beings back from the consequence of their voluntary sin. Through His death and resurrection, human beings are able to be redeemed from sin, obtain righteousness (sanctification) through His guiding hand, and to spend eternity in heaven if they only believe in and trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. We believe that He will come again one day to conquer sin once and for all and gather to Himself everyone who will trust in Him.


The Holy Spirit: Is the “Sanctifier” of humanity. That is to say, that when a person accepts and puts their trust in Jesus as their God and Savior, the Holy Spirit will dwell within them. If they will turn to Him for guidance, He allows them to live a righteous life. Meaning, they can now choose not to sin and to choose God’s ways over their own. He is the mouthpiece of God speaking to human beings and bringing them into relationship with the Father and Son. The Holy Spirit imparts to the believer many “gifts” which allow us to accomplish the will of the Father. They are not designed to be proof or evidence of our relationship with God and should not be cause to boast, but rather a tool to expand the kingdom of God for HIs glory.


The Holy Trinity works together in perfect unity to accomplish its divine will. While we as human beings struggle to fully comprehend the nature of God. We know and believe that God is gracious and compassionate. Slow to anger and abounding in love. (Jonah 4:2)


About the Bible

We believe that the Holy Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God. We believe that the Holy Spirit moved human beings to write the books and letters found in our Bible. Therefore, we believe that the Bible is perfect and without error. However, we acknowledge that being human, we may misinterpret that inspired Word of God at times. We are committed to drawing our truth from the Bible, keeping an open heart for the correction of the Holy Spirit and to repent when we have made a fault.


About Mankind

We believe that human beings were created by God to live in His presence, love, and authority and to bring Him glory. Through a decision by the first people to attempt to gain autonomy from God’s authority we were separated from Him by sin that was introduced to the world in that moment. Because of the sin that exists in all of us due to that choice of the first man and woman, humanity is incapable of regaining a right relationship with God through their own efforts. We believe that because of this God in His infinite wisdom and love made a plan at the beginning of time to send His son to pay the only acceptable price in order that humanity may be reunited to Him.

Because every single person is a child of God, we believe that every person has value, deserves love, and is equally “in-process”. We all desperately need Jesus. We all need to be loved. It is not the place of the church to pass judgment or exclude anyone. While we may disagree with the choices or lifestyles of the people around us, we will still accept them with open arms as children of God.

We believe that God’s best and only plan for human sexuality is that it be expressed in a monogamous lifelong relationship between one man and one woman within the framework of marriage. This is the only relationship that God’s Word teaches is divinely designed for the birth and rearing of children and is a covenant union made in the sight of God, taking priority over every other human relationship

We believe that every person’s soul lives for eternity. After death, every single soul will spend eternity with God or separated from Him. This compels us to share the Gospel boldly with all who will listen.


About Salvation

We believe that for humanity to appreciate what God’s unconditional love and prevenient grace have made possible, they must voluntarily repent of sin and trust in Jesus Christ. We believe that the ability to do this comes from the Holy Spirit but that the choice and act are the individual’s. Repentance is a willful change of mind, renouncing sin and longing for righteousness, expressing sorrow for and confession of sin. Faith is the only condition of Salvation. Faith is the belief and trust in Jesus Christ as God and Savior. We believe that true faith results in submission to the truth of the Bible and conviction from God.

We believe that at the point of salvation, a person is justified. Deemed righteous in the eyes of God and released completely from the penalty of their sin.

We believe that we are reborn by the Holy Spirit when we put our trust in Jesus. We begin a new spiritual life in which we are given the capacity for love and obedience. In this new spiritual life, we take on a role as both a child of God (experiencing His incredible love daily) and servant of Him (living to accomplish His will in the world).

We believe that while we cannot save ourselves through good works, they are the evidence of faith and will follow after our rebirth.

We believe that it is possible to sin after rebirth, but that we can repent and turn back to God in His mighty power.

We believe that after rebirth we are in the process of “sanctification” by the Holy Spirit. As we grow in our relationship with God we are able more and more to choose not to sin and to live in and desire God’s will for our lives. Salvation is when we have God, Sanctification is when God has us.


About the Church

We believe that the Christian Church is the entire body of believers in Jesus Christ as described above, who is the founder and only Head of the Church. We believe that the Church is and always has been God’s plan to save the world and is a powerful gathering of people beyond anything that humanity could construct.

We believe that water baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the sacraments commanded by Christ to be celebrated by the Church. We believe that water baptism is an outward proclamatory statement of the inward transformation of the heart and should be a part of every Christian’s life. We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a sacrament celebrating our redemption by Christ’s death and our hope in His victorious return, as well as a sign of the love that Christians have for each other. We celebrate this every time we break bread and give praise to Jesus for His sacrifice and grace to us as His people.

We believe that the primary role of the Church and its leadership is to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ who will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the world and raise up more disciples themselves as we all work together to bring glory to our Heavenly Father.


Mountain City Church is a member of the Wesleyan Church International

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